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Mourning Angel

Mourning Angel

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During moments of grief and remembrance, funeral homes can offer the Mourning Angel Prayer Card for Memorial Funeral Service as a heartfelt token of support to the families they serve. These prayer cards, adorned with exquisite color pictures of the Mourning Angel, provide solace and comfort during the mourning process.

Each prayer card showcases the captivating image of the Mourning Angel, a symbol of comfort, guidance, and spiritual support. These micro-perforated cards are meticulously crafted to create a tangible connection to faith and provide a source of strength during times of loss.

Measuring 8 ½" x 11" with a 1" left tab, these sheets easily separate into individual cards measuring 2 ½" x 4 ¼". With 8 prayer cards per sheet, there is ample space to include personalized messages, prayers, or reflections. Designed to be compatible with laser printers and photocopiers, these cards can be easily printed and reproduced, ensuring convenience and efficiency.

The Mourning Angel Prayer Cards are thoughtfully shrink-wrapped in packages of 125 sheets, resulting in a total of 1,000 single subject prayer cards. This generous quantity ensures an abundant supply to offer grieving families, providing a tangible symbol of support and comfort during their time of loss.

Exclusively made in Italy by Cromo NB, renowned for their commitment to quality and spiritual craftsmanship, these prayer cards reflect the artistry and devotion associated with Italian religious tradition. Each card carries the essence of reverence and offers a meaningful tribute to the departed loved ones.

Funeral homes can provide the Mourning Angel Prayer Card for Memorial Funeral Service as a compassionate gesture, offering comfort and support to grieving families. Order this collection today and let these prayer cards serve as a source of solace and healing. Embrace the presence of the Mourning Angel and find strength in faith during the journey of remembrance and mourning.

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